Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Brandy appeared as a guest co- host on The View...very interesting. The folks at had this to say: Brandy's first guest hosting gig on "The View"
got off to an interesting start: Barbara and the ladies asked her to show them her tattoos, and wondered aloud if the pop starlet was wearing a wig, prompting her to ask at one point, "Can I get a little love?"Other than that, Brandy was largely content to let Barbara, Joy and Elisabeth blather on about their weekends and the unusually insipid "hot topics," staying largely in the background. And even though Joy and Elisabeth made reference to the absence of the fired Star Jones – Joy said that hosts were "dwindling down" – Brandy (quite diplomatically) didn't take the bait.The multi-hyphenate actress/singer/talent show judge is being considered as a possible replacement for Star, and will be coming back on Friday for another go-round.

Now I didn't see the show and so I can't really comment on how Brandy did, but I do believe that she has the brains and the intellect to bring a level of much needed classiness to the show. I guess only time will tell....